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What about going around the room with your layout, eliminating the two 4x8s and maybe making a nice peninsula in the middle of the room??

4x8s take up a good chunk of room, with a 4x8 you need access on all 4 sides of the 4x8 with an around room style layout, you will have alot more room..

Just a suggestion, i dont really know what your requirements are...
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Originally Posted by joed2323 View Post
Just a suggestion, i dont really know what your requirements are...
Thanks (everyone) for the suggestions.
I think my requirements/desires are simple: (In order of importance)
1. Trains go thru a (well developed, over time) town
2. Trains go somewhere
3. Trains come back
4. A (at least somewhat) functional yard

I guess I’m more into realistic scenery than realistic operations, so I’m “free-styling” my layout, but a point to point won’t work for me because of 2 & 3, above. The 4X8 is the best way to satisfy #1, and 4 feet is about the minimum requirement for a reasonable turnaround. I’m not concerned about efficient use of space: the room was previously “junk storage”, but is now as empty as shown in my diagram.
So, whatever I come up with will most likely combine both the shelf/peninsula style, plus a 4x8 (or slightly smaller) “town”.

Oh, I forgot requirement 5 and 6:
5 Not be too complex for me to implement
6 Not cost a fortune
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Wish I wasn't such a dope with the computer so I could draw
as you do. That would eliminate all these words.

You could use the layout you had originally with a couple
of modifications and resolve the issues...

First there is no way to have less than 2 reverse loops with
a single track main in your design.

So, you could extend your N yard lead all the way to the far
main and join the right track with a turnout (means you'd have to throw
this when running...same as on the S yard...or have sensors to do it for you)

That would be the quick and dirty solution.

But another came to me looking at your new drawing.

If you could widen the 'bridge' between the N & S yards
you could make a 2nd connection with a turnout in the
left side track of N oval curving and crossing to a matching
curve and turnout on the right track of the S leg.

You could then 'hide' the original single main
with scenery (tunnel?) to give
operating trains an 'out on the road' effect and make the
new track your visible main.

If you maintained the yard all the guys liked with the reverse
loop (recommended so you can turn locos) and did
as above you could
omit the reverse loop in the N oval. Thus
only one reverse loop.

If that 'bridge' area is made wide enuf you could have a very
wide radius curve to add interest to the scene. Possibly
a couple of industry spurs off the original straight run.

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