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I've been busy with other things, but wanted to show a progress shot with the boiler and cab sitting in place. I need to work on the tension placed on the gear by the retainer as it is slipping in forward, but otherwise I'm pretty happy with how it is coming out. The connecting rods move smoothly by hand, hopefully they will continue to work well when powered by the motor.

I'm going for a traditional D&RGW black and silver scheme, and I think I'm going to number this loco as 315 (although I'm still trying to track down info about the locos that were in the 200's). I would like to go with the diamond stack on this loco as a way of showing a greater age although I'm not certain what other changes I might expect to see.

Hoping to be able to try it with the motor soon...
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Old 04-28-2017, 04:23 PM   #22
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Well it took awhile to get back to it, but I finally got a chance to do a simple run test on the track by hooking up a pair of wires with alligator clips. Once I adjusted the tilt of the motor, there was no slippage of the gears, and nothing in the drivetrain had clearance issues. Overall it ran smoothly even when applying pressure to the wheels with my fingers.

It is definitely a slow-running motor. I think I would have preferred the ability to run faster, but since it is intended as a steep mountain train, slow and steady may just win the day. I'll still keep my eyes open for an alternate motor though -- basically I need something with a body thickness no more than 12mm (the overall width can be greater though), and either a 1.5 or 2mm shaft, and runs at about 2000-3000rpm.

I only have a single flat car in narrow gauge right now, so it's hard to get a sense of its pulling capability. However I was running without the boiler in place, which is a nearly solid piece of metal for weight, and just tugging on the power wire it still seemed to have decent traction. For now I think I'm going to leave it alone and get started on the boiler and cab...
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