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Picture a river runs through it on a 5'x9' Atlas train table granite gorge & northern
From the land of sky blue waters,Hamb's........
the arid southwest region is sort of depicted here
however. On the 5'x9' table.~37" off the base-
ment floor,away from the heating ducts along the
north wall in the center of a room. Trees have yet to be added,however.Michaels craft store is a good source for lichen also. Grass is dyed saw dust so far.
3 04-28-2016 02:09 AM
Picture white water rafting, fishing,camping,train spotting
Granite Gorge state park.
Week end activities.
1 07-19-2015 12:28 PM
Picture Saturday in the park
Antique car collector's train spot and swap stories while showing their vehicles every Saturday near Granite Gorge State park( soon to appear).
4 05-26-2015 01:07 PM
Picture The Atlas Layout eventually will be converted to DCC with computer control.
The Atlas double mainline with 2+ passing sidings & small service yard that can hold much more rolling stock than the original plan.(Not quite finished; )DCC is on the to do list along with possible PC automation control and the modifications required to accomplish this automation $x2, 3 or4._______________________
2 05-16-2015 03:22 PM
Picture Do you know what day it is?
1 04-16-2015 01:31 PM
Picture I thought it was the forth of july
1 11-12-2014 09:31 PM
Picture fishing, rafting,camping,volley ball,prospecting
"There's gold, in them there hills!"
1 11-08-2014 02:49 PM
Picture Ahh,come on..... Maybe,....Just one more tree? AtlasGG&N
Favorite model railroad scenes of your layout.
Please post here.
3 11-19-2013 11:30 PM
Picture Granite Gorge & Northern Atlas HO 5'x9' Custom line
~medium sized 5'x9'HO model train layout Not quite finished,although; somewhat farther along.
Needs some additional attention yet. I plan to add many more images [email protected] you, sorry for the delay:(
2 11-16-2013 08:09 PM
Picture Atlas Granite Gorge & Northern H.O.(custom)5'X9'dc 2x XFM
this ho Atlas layout represents the meeting of two mainline railroads out west in a narrow valley area in the cascades.
The Granite Gorge's river runs through this region, various styles of steel bridges help insure a safe transit for the locomotive power to travel through the narrow valley mountainous region.
1 11-13-2013 09:27 PM

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