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Looking good, a nice start. You might consider breaking up your benchwork design into modules in case you ever want/need to move the layout. I was warned about this early on and did 3x6 foot modules and it worked out exceedingly well. Mine is a 6x8' island-style and would never fit out the door of the room it is in.

For my HO scale I started out with Xtrkcad (I think that's what it was) and couldn't figure out how to make it work with any kind efficiency. So I downloaded the Atlas track planning program and was able to at least get a basic design that would suit my space. The problem with the Atlas one is it is all based on their hardware dimensions and I was using all Peco track and switches. Anyway, it was close enough utilizing flex track to get it all to work.

I used inexpensive pine firing lumber for the basic benchwork, with some higher grade clear boards for the L-girders. Quarter inch ply on top, then 1" architectural insul-foam, very much like you did here. Worked out well, but is noisier than I would have liked. I glued down cork roadbed, then track, so no nails. Still a little sound-boardy with some of the louder locos. I may try some sound deadening mats under the plywood.

Here you can see two 'halves'.


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Now that's smart. I used rollers so I can get to about 80% by rolling back and forth. It's the 20% that I can't get to lol. I Will see about cutting it on the track seem and maybe using dining table leaf connectors. Thanks for the information

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