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bristolman2012 03-06-2019 08:21 PM

751d wiring
have terminal blocks for wiring from 751s to the switch ( 2 rows ) , how do u handle the 3 wires needed . some way to run the common ?

Bwells 03-06-2019 10:44 PM

The common can daisy chain from twin coil to twin coil etc with a home run to the power supply. The 751d uses the common for the capacitor and LEDs if you use them.

bristolman2012 03-07-2019 03:03 PM

daisy chain
could you still use male/female connectors in case switch goes bad ? sorry for all the dumb questions.

DonR 03-07-2019 04:31 PM

You could use plug/jack connectors at your
turnouts, but using the 751D with it's built-in
Cap discharge unit it's very unlikely you'll
have a turnout failure.

I use wire nuts, but others use 'suitcases'
to connect the turnout motors.
Still others solder their connections. All
are right.


Bwells 03-07-2019 04:35 PM

No such thing as a dumb question. Sure connectors would be fine and by switch I assume you mean the twin coil solenoids. If so, the solenoid has screw terminals so it is easy to lift the wire and replace. It is just one more possible spot for problems though
so I would think they are not needed.

bristolman2012 03-07-2019 06:03 PM

I would make a drop wire connector , wire to the 3 screws but then male/female connector at other end under table .

bristolman2012 03-08-2019 03:46 PM

ken classix audio
what a nice guy to deal with . got some 751ds from him to wire atlas switches . hope its ok for shout out about component suppliers .

DonR 03-09-2019 11:39 AM

Absolutely, we all appreciate hearing about a source
that offers excellent service. It's also good when a
forum member reports when the service ain't so hot.


bristolman2012 03-11-2019 11:26 AM

new question
solder wires to the switch or could you screw the wires to it ?

Lemonhawk 03-11-2019 05:00 PM -- crimp tool -- connector housing and the female version -- pins
There a little expensive at Pololu but they are quick and have a nice selection. Banggood sells kits of these. A good crimp tool is important. No soldering makes all kinds of sizes, but are not designed for high current. If you want high current, use "power poles"

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