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Atlanta 05-17-2019 01:01 AM

Have got starter packs real train lengths?
Yes of course, here is the evidence...
photo shot by myself

A CFL Loco from Luxemburg pulls two international ferry Transwagons awaiting clear tracks to move to Luebeck freight yards.

All two hours running freight trains between Maschen Marshalling Yard (europe's biggest marshalling yard) to Lübeck freight yards.
Sometimes private or other state RR Companies getting these high payed orders, when reserve locos of the german state RR of the DB AG were not available.
The shortest possible train length is the loco only. Onto its back tour the loco pulls lot of freight cars coming from scandinavia via migration bird route by ferry from denmark across the baltic sea.

MichaelE 05-17-2019 05:51 AM

Is that a Br.167 or Br.187? Hard to tell without seeing the front or rear.

Atlanta 05-17-2019 07:55 AM

It is the new BR 187 4 System Loco with four pantographs.
The german state railway DB is using single phase AC of 15 kV with 16 2/3 Hz and Luxemburg has 25 kV by 50 Hz the other both systems are 1500 V (Poland) and 3000 V DC (Belgium).

MichaelE 05-17-2019 11:25 AM

My DB Br.187 is only a two pan 15kV model.

Atlanta 05-17-2019 12:40 PM

The DB AG BR 180 to BR 189 Numbers identifying more system electric locomotives.
At some locos had been removed the DC components.
In minimun the 15 kV and 25 kV are still available

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