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martink 10-27-2019 01:24 PM

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Originally Posted by gunrunnerjohn (Post 2464384)
Can we see some closeups of how the track is constructed?

I hear you with shipping costs! I just bought 20 53mm x 77mm PCB blanks, the cost was $3.30, and shipping was $16.81 from China!

Oh yes, that postage hurts.

The glued-down track and paper surface conceals all the interesting details on the two completed layouts and the shunting test track, but here are a few pics from my early experiments through to a few weeks ago with both road and rail. You can see how they evolved over time, starting with one of IDL's small oval tracks in the first pic.

martink 10-28-2019 02:32 AM

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And for what it is worth, the track and control boards for the new layout arrived this afternoon. Just over 24m of track (the new layout needs about 19-20m), and enough daisy-chained modular section/switching boards for the next 2-3 layouts.

From top left: point control, storage road control, 3 x stop section control, a mix of straights and curves, a different mix with more straights and joiners for the 6' long layout. And of course, my standard photo size yardstick.

Now I have to test them all. Sigh.

gunrunnerjohn 10-28-2019 03:32 PM

That is quite involved, but it's mighty cool! Thanks for the peek behind the curtain. :)

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