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West Craft paint & plastic.

Originally Posted by tiger View Post
Hmm, that would be a problem in my case.

I think I'll check that out!

Hmm, I'll check that too -- and I'll read the label to see if plastic-appropriate.

Craft paints work quite well on plastic. Being water-based, rather than solvent-based, they can't harm plastic.
If the Home Depot samples recommended are samples of latex house paint, I would think they would be much too thick for model railroad painting. Even though latex house paint is also water-based, attempts to thin it with water and create a cheap alternative for high-priced model paints have not worked. Even the pigments used in house paint are too big for effective model use. Latex house paint is good for general scenery use. Dirt brown, sky blue, Etc. It might work for roads, But I still recommend using either model paint, or craft paint.

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