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BLI N scale T1 decoder replacement

Hi. I bought the BLI T1 locomotive, (actually pre ordered it and waited 2 plus years) and when it finally arrived it didn't work . It would start up, run a few inches, the stop and restart. I contacted BLI support after cleaning the track, which didn't help, and they said try exchanging it from the supplier. Did that and had the same exact problem, so I sent it to BLI and the sent me a replacement. The replacement actually worked for about 30 feet then started doing the same thing. So I contacted BLI support again and they refused to warranty it any more, saying it's my system causing a problem. I found that curious because none of my other DCC equipped locomotives exhibited this issue. My Paragon 2 PRR M1 works fine and I'm using Digitrax as my power and command control. Seeing as they refused to warranty it and I was stuck with a $300.00 display model, I took the tender apart to see what's going on. I found that the stalling went away when I push down on the board with my finger and I noticed a piece of high density foam in the tender shell that apparently is intended to push on the decoder. So I thought maybe more pressure, but that didn't help. I can only guess that there must be a loose component on the DCC board that's causing this problem, so I'm going to replace the board.
Here's my question.
Does anyone know the wording sequence of BLI's 8 wire plug in from the engine to the chip in the tender? All I can find is HO scale schematics and I don't know if that's the same or not. I'd like to use a ESU product in this.
Poor BLI electronics and lousy customer support. I guess 1 year warranty means nothing these days.
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