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The two tracks are both used for three rail locos, but the difference is the Left rail is "0" gauge rail, the Right rail is "027" track. They can't usually be used together without special track pins. The "0" rail used a larger diameter track pin, and that is your restriction with using both. Some locos (Lionel" have a deeper wheel flange that will only work on the taller "0" track, but may derail, if run on "027". When connecting the track, it is very, very important that you have tight connections. The track pins need to be tight. The quickest way to tell the two tracks apart are the 3 railroad ties. The "027" are perfectly flat on the bottom, and the "0" ties are curled up across the tie. "0" tracks are 11/16" tall, 027 is 7/16" tall.

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