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Okay, so here's one more suggestion...and by the way, welcome to the forum! There are two kinds of train stores, most often abbreviated here as LHS's, or Local Hobby Shops. There are stores that sell everything from model trains to RC cars and planes, doll houses, art get the idea. Then, there are the true train stores with 2 or three old geezers running the place, two shooting the breeze with customers and the third peering through a magnifier as he works on repairing a broken unit. That's the kind of shop you need to locate. Go in and ask if they have some used stuff: the geezer shops in my town always have a few pieces they took in trade or bought to resell or use for parts. Find one of those shops and you have a fair chance of getting both the steam and diesel for about the price of a single new unit. Old guys like us like to see new people come into the hobby and will go out of our way to help with good advice, repairs and so on. Just a thought to chew on.

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