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Originally Posted by BrokeCurmudgeon View Post
Still no excuse in my opinion. I live in Utah and my wife has taken Amtrak from Salt Lake to Sacramento and back many times. Bad service and poor schedule. I want to take Amtrak from SLC to Charleston SC to visit our son but it is very expensive with a sleeper and one has to change trains in Chicago in the middle of the night and again in DC.
I believe that much more can be done to improve US domestic rail service despite the legitimate reasons you cite. Canada has a great transcontinental rail service in the sparsely populated west.
Well, you are comparing apples to oranges IMO.

First off, yes, there certainly could be major improvements in rail service, no argument there.

Consider the population density of Canada vs. the US, it's a 10:1 difference. It's easy to say that we should improve rail service, but who's to pay the hundreds of billions of dollars that it would take to match the systems in other countries?
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