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Originally Posted by mopac View Post
My 312 will not be running soon. Got my running chassis. It is not going to help much.
Pictures were not good enough for me to see a cracked whitewall and shortly after removing loco from shipping box one of the driver wheels just fell off of axle. So it is out of quartering. Will try to eyeball it. First time disappointed in item from BigGameBoy. He offered me 2 different wheels. Kinda done with him. This 312 might be jinxed. So I got a good motor and some wheels and a frame out of purchase. Not a total loss but not what I expected.
Sorry that it wasn't as expected. I've gotten some discrete parts from him for my 312. But, only individual parts, never anything complex. I'm certain you can get it running. My 312 rebuild ended up costing me more than it is worth, but I had fun doing it! I look at it this way, if it cost me $100 to fix/build a $70 locomotive, I probably had $30 worth of fun and learning along the way.
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