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Originally Posted by mopac View Post
Come up with a good price plus shipping for a chassis with wheels, LOL. Don't need
a motor or smoke unit. Has to have square stud on center drivers. Just frame and
quartered wheels. I have all the other parts.

Need the gear on rear axle. You knew that.

If your frames already have motor and smoke units on them, also give me a price.
You know I don't care if smoke unit smokes.
You may want to keep motor and smoke unit or you may have enough of them.
If you can give me a choice. LOL, just so I can make wrong choice. Used to that.
Tell you what, we'll just switch out chassis, yours for mine.. I'll make sure the quartering is spot on.. I can use your chassis for any parts, also I can use the wheels. etc, that I'll use to put on the new chassis I'll be sending you...Deal?? If so, I'll work on it in the next hour or so, and have it ready for shipping tomorrow.
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