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Train Detection

My name is Mike. I am new to the forum and to model railroading. I am retired from the railroad, where I worked in the Train Control department. I am having a problem detecting my locomotives. I have laid down my track with power. I also have sixteen (16) insulated joints on the “A” rail for detection that is wired from each block to the BDL168. I am using a breakout board to eliminate soldering wires to a 44 pin card edge connector. The power from the command station is coming into the BDL168 and going out to the (A) track. The common Ground on the breakout board is connected (wired) to the command station ground.

I am trying to get my Digitrax BDL168 to detect my locomotive. I have no indication light from the tester at all.
I am getting the seven plus voltage (7+v) coming out of the board, but the power indication light is dark. The light on the BDL168 is blinking green and I have a sixteen volts (16v) power supply connected to the BDL168 board. I need help.

Also my command center is a NCE Power Pro and I am using the Digitrax BDL168 as a stand-alone. The loconet is connected from the BDL168 to the computer using a Digitrax PR4. When I opened up JMRI and navigate to “Loconet”, then down to “Configure BDL168”, I can see the OpSw options, but when I try to read or write to sheet I get the message “Aborted – no response from the device after several tries”
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