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West Kato locomotives

Originally Posted by RonK9977 View Post
Can anybody tell me their experiences with BRANDS of N Scale diesel and steam locos? I am looking for good quality per say>mostly deisels but would like to buy a good steam loco as well!

I have been in N-scale for many, many, years. In all those years, I've never encountered a bad Kato locomotive. I recommend them highly!
Kato does not make many steamers, but they have a good selection of diesels. Their F-units, at least the earlier DC models that I have, are noisier than their other locomotives, but they run well, and look good. running them at slower, more realistic, speeds quiets the noise considerably.
Their 2-8-2 Mikado Steam locos are great runners, but I found they are not comfortable with curves tighter than 16" radius. They will go around tighter curves, but they tend to derail often enough to irritate me. I changed from a 12" minimum radius to 16" because of this problem.

FYI: Some "Atlas" locomotives are actually made by Kato. Others are not, but generally Atlas locos run well.

I don't buy Bachmann. I remember the old Bachmann junk too well. Newer Bachmann locos are said to be much improved. Still, even now, whenever you see a post about somebody having problems with a locomotive, it's usually a Bachmann. I just don't trust the brand.

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