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I finally got the chance to put the tsunami into my 4-6-0 yesterday. Made a mistake already, I had read that the board already in the tender provided the resistance needed for the LED headlight. That may have wrong, it only seems to provide resistance when in DC mode. I can't tell if I simply have no working headlight, or if it's just not turning on. I can't seem to get ANY of the function keys to work. For example, F2 should blow the whistle, and F8 should mute all of the sounds. Since I've never tried to use functions under DCC++ before I don't actually know where the problem lies.

[Edit] I figured out the function problem, but I'm still not getting a whistle. Instead all I get is the sound of static. I've tried changing to a number of different whistle sounds and they all just sound like static. Makes me wonder if someone forgot to load those sounds into this chip? [end edit]

So the circuit board that come pre-installed in the tender... does that do anything except provide DC functionality? I mean do I really need to keep that board in there if I'm wiring for DCC? It takes up quite a bit of space and prevents me from using any kind of baffle behind the speaker, so hopefully I can just trash it.

By the way, loving the back-EMF feature of the tsunami to adjust sound volume! I didn't even notice it until one of the pilot wheels derailed and I pulled back the loco to get it back on the track. I also warmed up the 3D printer to make a small baffle for my speaker (currently running without the tender shell in place) and even a small one makes a noticeable difference. I'll have to whip up something a little better once I know how much space I have to work with.

Oh, I should also ask... what are the proper number of chuffs per driver revolution? I thought it was four but that just seems too fast.

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