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My rise was along a half-circle ... 22" radius track for 1/4 turn and 18" radius track for another 1/4 turn. Total rise was about 2.75". Total run (circumference, really) is via a little math: 2 * pi * Radius / 4 for each for each quadrant, with pi = 3.1416. I deducted 1" from each radius, to run my math at the INSIDE edge of the 2"-wide track risers. For my half circle, that yielded about 60" of run. (2.75" rise / 60" run = 4.5% grade.)

Next, I cut out a long, slender triangle from 2" think pink foam ... 2.75" x 60". Then, I sliced this crosswise into 48 little pieces ... each about 1.25" length x 2" depth (thickness of foam) x Varying Height (depending where along the triangle I was). Then, I glued these down to my board (in proper rising-height sequence) with their inside corners just touching each other at my "inside radius" marks, i.e., 17" and 21".

I knew I couldn't use trestles. There simply wasn't any way I could keep the track level. It would bow down and then the wheels would spin. It's also a half circle and comes off a switch - PITB for the last several weeks. I had even considered soldering the tracks together to give them the strength to not sag. This will work I think.

Thank you.
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Steve --

I think you may have just set the record for the oldest dead thread resurrection, at over 9 years!

I'm not really sure what you're asking (or commenting on). You quoted much of tjcruiser's post (next time, just hit the "quote button in the lower right of the post you want to quote), but your comments don't seem to directly relate to what he wrote.

Anyway,there are several ways you could potentially use trestles on a grade, without soldering track joints (although that's a good idea anyway), and sectional track shouldn't sag if you have a support at every joint. Could you clarify what your issue is, and we can probably get you through it.
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LOL - no worries as I sometimes only get a piece of things. What he talked about, the long triangle of material, and then cutting it into 1" or small pieces, made sense to me. I don't do math, so I simply took his measurements, made the long cut, cut that into pieces, and stuck them under the trestle as he suggested. My little 462 climbs the grade in slow gear without a problem!

I can now use the extra width on top to lay my track bed and cover the foam material on the sides with either brick or rock, you know paper print stuff. Took about an hour to do and works fabulous!!

Thanks - Steve
And always my pleasure to renew something really old.
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Wow ... I guess it worked! From all those years ago! I am happy the old, dusty thread got pulled out of the archives, Norton. Enjoy!

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