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G / #1 Scale Marklin, Aristocraft, USA Trains, LGB model train discussion, indoor and outdoor.

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outside G scale

Hi Big Ed, thanks for the come back. My layout is only 18' by 9' in between our side walk and side of the garage. Yesterday I spent all day digging a 4 in. deep trench and laying red bricks in for the tracks to sit on. I don't really like that small of an area for G scale trains and there is no room there to go outside of that space. I only got half way done and thought about it a little. I don't want to keep going the remainder 16' only to decide I'm not satisfied with it. Last night I went on this site and followed Don's building of his out door layout and saw some things they did that I didn't do. But I could not ever tackle something as grand scale as that. I do have an ares on the west side of the house that is just grass that I would like to use that is much larger but I have to get the wife's approval. About the other thing about not getting on links etc. I do use ad blocker but it might also be the fact that I am too green yet (only 4 posts). That's happened before on other forums in the past. I hope I can make this out door layout work,I'm really anxious. Jim
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Big Ed
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I saw one layout that ran the trains inside the garage to park them when he was done. That way there was no need to pick them up and reset them all the time. Kept them out of the weather too, if it started to rain. I forgot how he ran them in there. Might have been a hold cut into the side of the garage with a door added to seal it up when shut.

What you have to do is bribe her first, maybe a new plant for the garden.
Or flowers in a vase?
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outside G scale

Big Ed, She did give me permission to take out one of her bushes so if I don't go through with this who knows what might happen. The area I am working with only consists of two remaining bushes and the dogwood tree. So it is kind of a dirty ground area so if I could spread stone out that would help.
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You may be overthinking this. If you just lay good ballast and maintain it, the big issue with outdoor layouts, you should be fine. Look at posts #4 thru 7, I don't think you need a trench for any reason at all, just maintain the ballast so the layout is level. You may not even have to take out the shrubs, just eliminate a few roots. I would repeat in my first response to check some of the large scale forums. Good luck.
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Harry Henning III has done a bunch of G-scale in his garden and lawn, he laid down some crushed gravel first in a trench a couple inches deep. He also insured there was drainage to a low point so that water wouldn't accumulate under the track.
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outside G scale

Thanks guys! I think I will remove all the bricks in the trench and use crushed stone. Maybe mix a little cement in the ballast mix so it won't wash away so easily. We have access to limestone here but I'd like to stay away from that and get something from a lawn and garden place. I was thinking the lime in the stone might not be good on the track and trains. I'll get there sooner or later. Trial and error.
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