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O Scale Atlas, Bachman, Hornby, K-Line, Lionel and classic toy train discussion.

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Originally Posted by ErnestHouse View Post
Did I say Rectifier? [blush]. Yes. 10A10 Diode.

The explosion was so violent it bent the top lead back and shorted on the frame (I bent it back in the photo). Thanks for the pointer to digikey but I had already ordered 2 replacement Diodes from and since I was paying $8 shipping, threw in a 40amp 600v Stud Rectifier using the part number recommended by Tranz4mr. I got options.
Diodes rectify. My opinion from an old geaser!
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Could be copper oxide, it's been years since I tinkered with those, I went modern.
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Originally Posted by Tranz4mr View Post
It sounds like you blew the rectifier disk on the d handle. This is usually because the whistle switch is worn and gets stuck on, overheating the disk. On the A side the contacts in the whistle switch either need adjusting or need to be replaced.

Kent Schwarz
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I think this is probable. During the return travel of the D whistle, the lever does not fully return to center (about 1/8"). The A side switch is smooth as glass.

From what I can see on the D side, the contacts touch even though the lever doesn't fully return. But I'm thinking I cannot see the faulty part of the switch inside the handle. I looked at the Tranz4mr site. Is there a tutorial someplace for accessing the switch?
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