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Thumbs down Dalee400 and Can Motor - Thoughts

It is hard to beat Gilbert and proven mechanical designs. I bought a can motor and a Dalee400 from a dealer. The motor is fine but the Dalee400 went out in three months. It would only run in one direction although it appeared to cycle OK. So I called Dalee and asked about the problem. Their customer service was lacking. The person that I talked with was curt almost to the point of rudeness. He said that it was burnt out. I asked if there was a warranty and he said no, it is electronics and they don't stand behind their product because I had burnt it out. I asked how and he said that "if I had 20 amps going to it it would burn out". I said that I meter my power supply and even then the AF 15B Transformer doesn't have that capability. To make a long story short, they have much to learn about customer service. When it comes to Dalee, let the buyer beware!
I will now go back to the original electro-mechanical eunit and I will refuse to spend another $49 plus shipping from them.
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Broke, sorry your can motor and Dalee reverse unit did not work out as expected. That is a bum deal. Thanks for the warning on Dalee customer service. No warranty. I almost bought a can motor and Dalee for my 282. It is my original steamer from when I was a kid and I wanted it to run. Well it ran but only at about half speed and the motor got extremely hot. Every Christmas for 25 years I got it out, took it all apart and reassembled hoping that this year it would work correctly. It never did. I found this forum and asked for help. People tried but nothing worked. Most thought the wheels were gummed up and holding the motor back. Causing the motor to get hot. I finally changed the motor armature and the old girl sprang to life. Bad armature. My point being is if you change the right part, nothing beats the original set up. I will never go can motor, I will just change parts till I hit on the problem. Any of these old motors will run with good parts in them. I learned a big lesson. My 282 now runs as good as you could expect an AF steamer to run. Makes me happy. One advantage of a can motor is their gearing and the steamer will run at a much slower speed. Which I know you like and I like. A Lionel transformer has taken care of the slow speed. We won't go through that again. Stay original Broke. LOL except the AF transformers. Will never use one again.
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I don't have any can motors but I do have some Dalee reverse units. As yet, I have not had any problems (knock on wood)
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good to know...thanks
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