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I'm not very knowledgable in pre-war AF but did they sell DC locos? Could it be DC vs AC that burned it out? Just curious.
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Scales Modeled: S gauge
I just noticed this unanswered post. All prewar Gilbert American Flyer was designed to operate on AC, even the HO engines. American Flyer transformers pre-Gilbert had multiple winding taps and some pairs of posts could provide as much as 24V. In 1938 Gilbert brought out a new line of transformers with only 3 posts, a Base Post, a 7 to 15V Post and a 15V Post. Along with this new engine designs were produced with worm gears and universal motors designed for 7 to 15V. The old design American Flyer transformers were still made, at least in 1938, but were not catalogued. The Gilbert designed engines should never be operated at 20V. If the commutator is dirty and the gears not well lubed it will cause the motor to fail. The postwar Lionel transformers will operate Gilbert trains, just do not let them run at full throttle and do not connect the accessories across 20V terminals.
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don't know if you have this one http://thegilbertgallery.org/index.html
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Originally Posted by Reckers View Post
I have that one, but I like this one better----more info on one page: http://www.americanflyerexpress.com/...at-cars-02.htm

It keeps me from accidentally bidding on a link-connector unit or a DC engine!
I like that site as well. Notice though they have changed the address a bit as well as eliminating the pictures. Need to go to main site as the above old link as posted does not work. http://americanflyerexpress.com/ or http://americanflyerexpress.com/?page_id=1046 for the AF Products Directory (need to use the blue selection bar at the top for tabs, what appear as buttons 1/3 way down do not act as selection buttons)
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