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I try to keep boxes for expensive stuff that I might sell later, the plain facts are, you get more for them with the boxes. Rolling stock and cheap passenger sets I toss the boxes. I'm actually ending up tossing more and more boxes as time goes on.
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Originally Posted by MichaelE View Post
The rolling stock and locomotives I buy come in hard-shell plastic boxes with interior that is form fitted to what they are to hold. I would never throw these away and would think twice about buying anything used without the original box.

Some locomotives even come screwed down to a hard piece of fake plastic rail to eliminate any movement in the box.
Yup, the modern boxes with the inserts that hold the car or locomotive securely protect the equipment if you ever need to move or sell it. Not being able to pack it securely could end up with fine details being completely destroyed.
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Have you ever compared items with and without the original box ?
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I do know that at the train store I help out at, the used items without box go for about 25-35% of used stuff with original box....

I dabbled in old matchbox/dinky toy cars awhile back, and cars with original boxes could go for 2 to 3 times the price that cars without the original box would go for....
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I buy cheap, used stuff and I still prefer to buy boxed.
Helps resale value (perhaps proportionally more than high end stuff) and even though I'm only 3 years into this Hobby I've already sold off quite a bit of my collection.

Maybe some will be here that long but I don't plan on keeping everything I buy until i die.
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Boxes are a big deal.

I always always always when buying train items from eBay or Etsy that the box is with the item. I never toss a box and never did even when I got into the hobby as a teenager.

I purchase a lot from ebay and have for a few decades now. It’s a very rare occasion for me to purchase items with no box. I do know that it hurts the resale value because most serious collectors must have the box. It’s almost as if the item seems incomplete when missing the box.

A popular YouTube train guy has decided to sell his entire collection due to health problems. He has superb items listed and is bringing a pretty penny for them. However, he does not have any original boxes. He outlines in his listings that he never knew how important those boxes were if he had kept them.

I have around $300 on one of his listings now and it bothers me that the boxes will not be with the items. However, being well known on YouTube helps him a great deal. Otherwise, his items would be selling for much less. People are lined up to snag his items with 30 - 60 people watching the items.

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I'm fortunate to have the space for storage. I keep all engine & car boxes. Buildings, accessories, etc are recycled.
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My perspective from working at a Train Store, if you have the original boxes the items come in, they are easier to pack up (when we are getting collections for store stock). We also tend to pay a bit more if they have the box, they also display nicely on the shelves and they tend to sell for a higher price because the item is less likely to be damaged and more taken care of by the previous owner. A lot of our customers also prefer the boxes as well. Me, I can go either way. If it doesn't have the box and is not damaged, I don't mind, I'll use collector boxes or even trading card boxes to store them in until I have a place where I can leave them out for display and be able to rotate on my layout. When I get to that point, I'll have a spot under my layout to neatly store them until needed again. It's mostly personal preference. A lot of items I get for repaints and/or repair, don't really care if they have boxes.
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storage boxes

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