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Z Scale We're tiny model trains but incredibly detailed and good performers.

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Casey Jones z

How can I remove the 3 pole motor to replace it with a 5 pole?
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West Need a photo or two

Originally Posted by Kaylin View Post
How can I remove the 3 pole motor to replace it with a 5 pole?

In order to advise you with any accuracy, we would need to see a photo showing the loco and another showing the inside including the three pole motor mounted there now.
In very general terms a motor is typically mounted in the cab of a steam locomotive and in the center of the mechanism on a diesel. With the Casey Jones reference in your post, I'm assuming you're asking about a steam locomotive, since the real Casey died before diesels were around.
Do you have a five pole motor that will fit your locomotive? As a general rule, substituting an after market motor, that is not specifically designed to fit one particular model, is difficult/near impossible. In a tiny Z-scale locomotive I would think the swap out would be very challenging indeed! The motors in some Z-scale locos are rather odd. Others are more like the motors of other scales.
Once you have posted five times, you can post photos. Directions for posting photos are in the "Forum news, updates and help" section of this forum.

Please send more info, and photos, when you can;

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This locomotive (from the 81419 set) has no known replacement. A similar locomotive 88036 uses a 211912. This is a "horizontal-mounted" motor. I haven't seen the insides of an 81419 to determine ... if it's a vertical mount, those are more difficult to change out.

The 88036 explosion diagram is found on this page ... enter 88036 into the top field.

For a vertical mount version, you can search the 88035 explosion diagram at the same link above.

What is the issue making you want to change it? I find that about 90% of the "I want a 5-pole" requests are wastes of a good 3-pole motor that functions fine. Fix the problem in the loco and then work on replacing the motor if all else fails.
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