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Beginners DCC Question

I purchased a Bachmann EMD 70ACe locomotive thinking it would run via a MRC Prodigy Advance2 controller. Wired it up and have sound, but no movement. I have voltage on the track (checked with a multimeter.)

I went back and looked at the order page here:

and now I'm wondering if it actually has a decoder. From the description, I'm not sure.

Also, there was no documentation with the loco, so programming it would seem "hit or miss."

I suspect I'll have to buy a decoder -- any recommendations or troubleshooting tips (I've never taken one of these locomovies apart -- I see two screws on the bottom at each end, which I'm assuming secure the top of the loco.)
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Based on the description, it should have a decoder. Decoders as a general rule, initially have their address set to "03", from the factory. If you haven't changed the locomotive address, then you will need to set the prodigy to address "3", and see if it will run then.
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Thanks for the reply. I tried it at the default address of 3 first. Another problem is I don't think Bachmann supports reading the stored info (my dcc controller has that feature.) Seems that the decoder should have documentation concerning starting voltage, acceleration, etc.
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Documentation always accompanies
a new locomotive. Since you didn't
get that, could this be a previously used loco?
If so, it likely has a new address. Many
modellers use the 4 digit loco number as
the address. You might try that.

You can find the decoder CV numbers in tables
here on the Forum. Once you figure out
the address you can reset the address and
make any CV changes you want using
your MRC controller.

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Old 09-07-2019, 06:29 PM   #5
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It was supposed to be new, but buying from Amazon....
I went through 0001 to 0050 with no luck, so that would leave only 9950 numbers to go!

I'll try to find those CV number tables. I read somewhere else that Bachmann was terrible with documentation, especially decoders.
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it's a sound value, so it will have DCC by default ....
starting address should br 03 , again, by default, if this is a new unit ..

you -may- have a warranty claim...

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Be sure to try 03 and not 0003.
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And also try resetting to factory spec. I don't know what Bachmann uses, but for the decoders I have the reset CV is 008/ with a value of 008. Also try 08/08 and all other combinations. Some use the leading zeros for each value and some for only one value.

If this was a used loco there's no telling what may be screwed up and it's best to start with a clean slate.
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Just hit 3 no zeros. Hit program #3 and enter see what happens.
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For their SoundValue line, Bachmann uses a bare bones Soundtraxx decoder.
Here's a link to their manual's page:
You might try contacting Bachmann and asking them which decoder is in the loco.
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