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O Scale Atlas, Bachman, Hornby, K-Line, Lionel and classic toy train discussion.

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I just ran a postwar car and a 602 prewar car through an 022 switch, and it appears they both will work just fine. The flanges on the 602 are slightly larger than the flanges on the postwar car.
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Allienfuel has not been back since July.

I guess he is totaly confused now.
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excellent posting........I found it very confusing until i learned of the many variances in O Scale stuff.........again, excellent explanation.
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Originally Posted by eljefe View Post
I don't know the reason N scale was named that.

Bottom line is there's little science or consistency behind these names.

'N' scale is a gauge actually it stands for Nine millimeter. Lay a round on the track (power off) and you'll see.

'Course you could just measure but that's no fun.
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The "N" in N-scale, could also have meant "Nothing could be smaller than this!" And then Z scale came waltzing in.
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These are all O-Gauge boxcars. Not sure if ANY are actually O-Scale!

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No one has mentioned OOO scale trains yet.
In 1969 and 70 I built my first OOO layout on a 4x8 board. This later became known as N scale. From O scale, we had OO scale, and then OOO scale. OO is about half of O, and OOO is about half of OO. When OOO came to be, it pretty much ended TT scale's chances of being big in the states. I still have a beautiful little TT scale train layout.
Over the years I have chanced upon some pretty interesting information on scales and gauges of trains. Wow, there is a bunch. It seems I saw included in the lists a mention of #3 gauge also, don't remember for certain.
An extra thought here just fell out, darn thing bounced off my foot before it hit the floor. Seems like the floor has gotten farther away from my hands too!!! Awww, got it...has anyone tried using O gauge track to run G scale trains to represent approximately Go30?
Anyway this has been an interesting thread and thought I'd bump it up.
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Luke 221
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Originally Posted by Evil Caesar View Post
Great reference page thank you. So I found a RMT flat car I would like to aquire. Any idea how it will hold up next to Lionel traditional?

RMT acquired several but not all of the old K-line molds and tooling. There are also some signs of Kusan in their line. I would say that RMT probably is comparable to K-line in size.
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RMT has a somewhat eclectic assortment. Their ore cars turn out to be scale sized, but most of the other stuff is either fantasy or "traditional" sized.
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I just recently purchased a Lionel Christmas train and the overall size between it and some of my Lionel trains makes it look a bit smaller...... go figure...
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