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Hey Ya'll,

Lübeck --> Luebeck, the town where I stay and live has its own RR history which began in the year of 1853 when the first RR Line had been opened to Büchen --> Buechen.
The Luebeck RR Company was the LBE what stands for Luebeck Buechener Eisenbahn (Luebeck <--> Buechen RR).
Their plan was to eastablish a connection between Hamburg in the southwest with the port of Luebeck for shipping loads of freights over the baltic sea. A short land connection was needed but the directly way was impossible because some areas of the later prussian but german area had been occupied by the Danish Kingdom and the King of Denmark gave not the permission for landrights of building the RR.
The only way to solve this problem was arounding the Danish occupied terretory. So the RR had been built to connect the Hamburg <--> Berlin Railway at Buechen.

In 1864 it came to our local and short civil war when farmers of the occupied terretory established militia troops and flught against their occupators. The prussian king at berlin grabbed the chance and sent prussian troops and coaltion troops from Austria to make the Terretory of Schleswig-Holstein free. They fought back the danish troops until to a fort close ahead Copenhagen and the Danish Gouvernment gave up the war when they had no more Ammunition. Prussia did not the mistake to occupying the won terretory north of the before danish border but said, that the would come back again if the Danish King would not give respect to the made borderline.
From 1864 on the LBE built some RR Stations on the directly way to Hamburg. The single line traffic was too high so it had been built into the double track line in 1875 what is still existing.

The Lübeck RR Station had been built close to the middle age Holsten Gate inside the old Town Walls onto restricted space, so more than one station platform was impossible to build.

All shown pics with friendly permission of the archives of the Luebeck RR Newspapers. All old photos are over 100 years old.

The shown Locomotive is for doubletrack use it does not have the 3rd headlight lantern.

A more closer view, the loco with the three lanterns is going to use any single line route.

The semaphore Signal shows the closed line position with arm showing to the bottom.

The apparatuses right of the buffer stop are Track Bells what giving Infos of incoming or outgoing trains by bell codes.

From the inside of the station hall are existing only one photo in very low quality.

A double track electric trolley line acrossing the RR Tracks by an angle of 90°. The Lübeck Trams had a narrower gauge than standard gauge, their Gauge was 1100 mm. Inside one 90° Crossing was the frog of a turnout of the RR Tracks.
This is the cause why most local guys will not build this railroad station for their own RR project at home.
The special semaphores are the next cause, because the LBE used typical prussian Semaphores with up to three Arms for one direction but the signal rules allowed to show signal arms of the other direction onto same pole, like known from US Semaphores, too.
The early german Signals were different to the newer ball signal styles and had other colors for the night hours in the period of time of pre 1910.

I will continueing this post later with signal rules of pre and past 1910...

Ya Ingo

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Hey Ya'll,
about the signalling rules I will open a new topic. It is a very complex theme of course.

Ya Ingo
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