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Canada The strangest thing

I've been working for over a year on this DCC layout. Could not get it working right. I could get 95% of it working. But it was always something- would short out if this switch closes, it just would short from the start etc.

Yesterday I bit the bullet and removed all the wires from the layout to the bus.

I'd had a good idea- rather than trying to sort out the a/c issues with the booster on, I thought- hmmm, I'll run some DC out through each feeder one by one and then map out where exactly they go (obviously I had had a plan, but one idea or another kept changing things- I'd divide blocks, problems with the turnouts etc). So I'm going through them one by one (I'd hook up a leftover wall transformer, like from an old wireless phone that was lying around to the feeders). Labelling them accurately. Yup, 8 volts from here to this break, labelled it, moved onto the next.

Then I found an interesting problem. The voltage on the rail was 8v, but when I went below a certain rail joint it fell to 4. It was a bad solder job that somehow had made a resister in the system. Power would still flow, but not enough. NOW I'm starting to understand some of my dcc mystery. A significant resister, but not a complete gap was confusing the reversers....

I had NEVER thought of that. Solution was simple- just touched the solder with the iron, boom, full 8v. Putting it back together, a few small pieces to do, but IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!

I guess my mind was thinking absolutes- like digital. On or off, not something in between
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Glad you figured it out. Now you can enjoy running some trains.

Yep, electricity isn't digital.
Deutsche-Bahn Eisenbahn modeling Upper Bayern, western Austria, and northern Switzerland.
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