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O Scale Atlas, Bachman, Hornby, K-Line, Lionel and classic toy train discussion.

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I snipe as well, but I've also secretly enjoyed bidding up an item I've lost... LOL
The last guy paid $154 for a 50 dollar caboose. HAHAHAHA.
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That's a dangerous game. But I've done it too.
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I screwed up once and accidentally put an extra digit in a bid I set up on a snipe. I didn't realize it until I got an email I'd won the auction with a bid higher than I had wanted to pay. Learned to double check my snipes entries after that.

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Originally Posted by Volphin View Post
I snipe as well, but I've also secretly enjoyed bidding up an item I've lost... LOL
The last guy paid $154 for a 50 dollar caboose. HAHAHAHA.
I never went to that extreme but I have pushed the envelope, thinking If I win the bid I probably paid to much.

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Before eSnipe came along (yeah, there was time before sniping) I used to do everything live. I would get caught up in last second bidding, and when everything was dial-up, you're bid always didn't get posted in time. I was into Blenko Glass at the time, and bidding was fierce. Back then buyers and sellers all knew each other, and we could actually communicate with each other without restriction. I set up many a friendship with my competition and with sellers and would make deals outside eBay for reasonable prices. Those were truly heady days.

Then eBay started to catch on and slowly stopped the ability to freely communicate with each other. Do any of you remember when an item would be offered for a penny with a shipping cost of fifty dollars? Back then eBay didn't charge a fee on the monies collected for shipping. As I said, heady days. They are gone now, and eBay threatens legal action if they feel you are avoiding paying the fees by selling or buying outside the venue.

And, feedback really doesn't mean anything anymore either. Sellers used to be able to leave bad feedback for a dishonest buyer. No more. As someone said, eBay favors buyers over sellers. Which doesn't make any sense. eBay survives from seller fees, but they continue to rule in favor of a disgruntled buyer, who, for any minute reason what-so-ever, will complain and receive a full refund, and to hell with what the seller may say. And they discriminate by charging fees on shipping costs, so the sellers lose money on shipments or, if they actually try to break even by overcharging to cover eBay and PayPal fees, then the buyers grouse about shipping charges that they feel are too high and leave bad feedback in the end.

It's a tough market to sell in these days, and there seems to be fewer and fewer buyers for most things offered for sale. I used to buy and sell Murano glass clowns. The market was truly a three ring circus. Today, you will find thousands of clowns offered for sale, and NO ONE is buying, at any cost. The market dried up. I have perhaps two hundred or so clowns, and everyone in my family has more than they will ever need. (as if anyone ever needed a glass clown) It is the same all over eBay. Most of today's disposable income goes for buying $1000 cell phones, iPads, I watches, and the ilk.

So things have changed from those old days, when money flowed freely amongst the common folk. Now, without getting political, you must be in the upper echelon of the society to have lots of disposable income, and that money is probably used in buying stocks and bonds to acquire more income, and to hell with tchotchkes.
Bob S


Every day of life is a test. If you pass the test, you get one more day.

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before sniping.. i used to be up at auction close..3am with 2 screens up. 1 with item thet i kept refreshing and 1 with my max bid in but just need to click confirm.
sometimes bids went above with 1 minute to go and sometimes I won the item. either way I lost... in not getting the item or lack of sleep. hah.

I havent sniped in years and i forget who i used to use. auctionsniper i think. i may even still have money there. you used to have to load $ into them to be allowed to snipe.
I buy so little now that I havent bought on ebey in years.

my last ebay. For some reason no one wanted a dual xeon computer with 128gb ram. I got it for $118 to my door. I swapped cpus and memory into my server and flipped that computer on craigslist for $350!!!!
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Originally Posted by Rocky Mountaineer View Post
To date, I can count on one hand the number of items I've sniped manually at the last minute and lost. Most of the time, I've been lucky that way. Then again, I really don't buy much on eBay these days.
That's the only way I bid, but I use a sniping service. I simply enter the price I'm willing to pay and then ignore the item until the auction expires. If I get a winning email, I pay and accept my bargain.
MTH ASC Certified Tech, Factory Authorized Lionel Service, ERR Dealer
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