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Old 01-21-2016, 02:19 PM   #1
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Here are LAYOUTS of Forum Members

Members, hardly a day passes that we don't get a newbie who is asking
for layout ideas or actual layout diagrams.

It occurred to me that if each of us posted in this thread a picture,
video or drawing showing the actual track layout it would be of some
help to our new members.

May I suggest that VIEWERS NOT POST COMMENTS so that
the thread will have ONLY posts of layouts. If you have a
question or comment use a PM to the member.

Here is Matt's thread with a lot more layouts.

I hope to have a camera to produce a video of my room size but not yet
completed layout in the future.

But to get this thread started I did a drawing of it. The Room and the
Benchwork are double 0 Scale, but not wanting to measure every track
I simply roughed in the track plan. There is a key.

Basically it is a single track HO DCC main that follows the walls. There
are passing sidings and passenger station sidings, an East and a West
yard, each includes loco service areas. There is a the peninsula with a wye,
the Central passenger station and several industries. There are
industrial spurs at various points around the layout. Most are team tracks
with multiple small industries such as stock pen, Meat Co., Wood working Co.
Construction Co. Food Distributor, Metals Co. Heavy Electrical Co.
Power Plant, Reefer Ice Service, Sand and Rock Co. Less than Carload
freight Station and a Building Materials Co. These are not identified
on the drawing but show as 'Industry'.

Layout Drawing_20160121_0001.jpg

I apologize for the inept drawing but maybe you can make sense of it.


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Scales Modeled: HO 1890's
Images: 42

here's one in ho,
more info in this link ..
more images, video's, and down loadable track plan
size is about 14 ft by 16 ft


layout is 18" radius minimum, up to 9" of elevation, built for 1890's rolling stock, geared steam.

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Old 01-22-2016, 03:15 AM   #3
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Scales Modeled: HO 1950s Southern Pacific in So. California.
The Magic Railroad "No Plan" Plan
New Plan 8.jpg NORTH------->

Room is 13x13 feet with another 3 feet in closet along the north side.
Yellow = upper main line. +1.5 to +3 inches. Code 100
Green = lower main. +1.5 to 0 inches. Code 100
Gray = Spurs, sidings and yards. Code 83

The south yard head end is much different as I put in another entrance spur.
The north east corner there is another spur and a tunnel.
The logging area is 3 inches above the lake.
There are three crawl unders that I will regret in a few years.

The Magic RR build thread.
New layout starts at page 7.
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Old 01-22-2016, 05:22 AM   #4
Join Date: Jan 2016
Location: Summerville
Posts: 16
Build Part 5.jpg

My planned layout currently under construction.
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Old 01-22-2016, 05:12 PM   #5
Join Date: Feb 2015
Location: East Coast
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Scales Modeled: O
Here's mine. It's a smaller O gauge layout but still a lot of fun and it fits in a little less than 4x8. I can run 2 trains with some switching on the inside loop.

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Old 01-22-2016, 05:47 PM   #6
D&J Railroad
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Scales Modeled: HO only and some G scale stuff for display
This is the rough sketching of the HO scale D&J Railroad. All bench work is finished, track is laid, interlocking signal system installed and scenery is established on about 1/3 of it. It is a southwestern United States theme with open panoramas and long sweeping curves. Long intermodal, coal and mixed freight with occasional passenger service and commuter trains are common.
This track plan represents about 6 1/2 scale miles of double track mainline.

Here is a link to a recent video of the layout.

Chief Operator and creator of the D&J Railroad

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Scales Modeled: HO
Here is the plan for the layout that is slowly taking shape in my basement. Benchwork is built and covered with foam, and acquisition of track pieces and turnout controls is proceeding as funds allow. HO scale, min radius 22", min turnout #6, max grade 2%.

Cedar Hill yard is 3" above the level of the layout proper, and will be slightly hidden behind a backdrop.

CT Valley Railroad, Final.jpg
Connecticut Valley Railroad -- A Branch of the New York, New Haven, And Hartford

"We don't stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing." --George Bernard Shaw

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Scales Modeled: HO, too blind and fumble fingered for N
Here is the Union Pacific Soggy Bottom's Division:

It is in a room 9'x10'.
The main is down and mostly wired. Need to finish wiring that, then I think I'll start on the yard so I can put some rolling stock out.
"If the women don't find ya handsome, they should at least find ya handy!"
Red Green

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Old 01-26-2016, 11:12 AM   #9
Train Master
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Location: Jacksonville, Fl
Posts: 8,097
I'm bumping this thread in the hope that more of our members will post their
existing layouts to join the excellent ones already posted. Note that all are
wanted, small, medium and large layouts. Your's might be the inspiration
of some newbie needing a good idea.

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Old 02-01-2016, 08:18 AM   #10
Gang Labourer
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Location: Ontario
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Scales Modeled: HO
Here is a crude plan (drawn in PowerPoint) of what I have stuffed into a 8' x 8' space. HO scale, a mix of Atlas and Peco flex track (code 100), Peco turnouts. Minimum 20" radius (despite what it might look like in the drawing).

The mainline was initially planned in the free version of Anyrail - but then I hit the limit of 50 sections of track so I gave up and did the planning in real life by cutting a bunch of sections of 1/2" plywood roadbed in 20" and larger radius curves and straight sections and just set them on the benchwork.

It doesn't look like as much of a spaghetti bowl in real life as it does on the drawing - elevation changes and other scenery blocks break up the views quite well.

I wanted a main line that I could do some continuous running. That is shown in black, and does two circuits of the room. Uphill grades are shown by red arrows.

By throwing two turnouts either side of the bridge, diverting the train from going under the bridge, the continuous run becomes even longer (shown in green) through the two tunnels and past some more industrial areas. Or... I can have a train run on the main line (black) while I do switching on the sections shown in blue and green.

The double track at the top of the drawing is a gradual grade, and will be somewhat concealed (but not hidden) by buildings, trees, etc. set in the "lower" industrial scene immediately in front of it.

The labelled "hidden" track is simply a short section that extends under the upper trackwork under what looks like a bridge (on one side), and is simply there to give me a bit more track length for switching.

The scenery near the bottom of the drawing (over the duckunder) will be more rural/forested area.

All of the track is laid and functioning - some of the scenery is started. Locomotives will be nothing bigger than an SD40-2 (other than maybe an occasional steamer that I feel like running). Rolling stock will be 40' boxcars, ore cars, etc. from the late 80's or earlier. A few passenger coaches will be the only "longer" rolling stock - and they have all been tested and run fine.


Note: the name I got from my father, a play on the old name of the Algoma Central, from back when it was called the Algoma Central and Hudson Bay (AC & HB). The employees of course came up with an alternate name. Very fitting if you ever look at a map of the actual railroad.

(also: I edited the drawing somewhat from how I originally posted it, to make the curves a bit more representative of what I actually have).

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