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Nice 640's. I never noticed a 640 with marbelling. The most common marbeled items are control buttons. A lot of 360 shells are like that but who wants to strip off the finish to see it.
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Originally Posted by AFGP9 View Post
flyernut, a while back you mentioned something about purchasing the white version of the 640 hopper car. Here are some pics of the 640's I have. The white one appears to be a little cream color but that is a photo deal. It really is white. Note the marble one. Yeah it has a scratch and some kind of a mark near the "A" in the word "American" and the other gray 640 has a smudge near "A'" on that one but until I can find better ones, these one will do. Not a very good pic of all 3 but you get the idea. Finding the marble version was the hardest since I knew it was out there. Now all I need is the black lettered version of the gray one.


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Yep, that's the "white" version, more like cream.
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Tom I don't know why or how I knew there was a marble version of that 640. The one I got was from a train show. I was looking at various hoppers and just happened to see the marble one so grabbed it. The guy selling had several gray 640's but he either didn't know about the marbled version or didn't care. Either way I got it for $7.00.
Another seller had the white one. He actually had three but 2 of them were not as nice as the one I bought for $10.00. I already had several of the regular gray ones although when you line them all up end to end, there is a difference in shades of gray.
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Nice 640 hoppers AFGP9. I wasn't aware of marbled 640's, good find. I wouldn't be too concerned about any faults on it, none of my guides even list this variation, so you have something very uncommon. There are known marbled 632 L.N.E. hoppers, The Gilbert Gallery has a couple of pictures of them. I didn't spend the bulk of my purchases on link coupler items, and in retrospect, there appears to be a lot more variations of the link cars than the knuckle cars. I don't recall looking for these as I was focused on the knuckle coupler cars during my working days. The only white ones I have seen are way too pricey for their condition that appear on ebay at times.
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