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  1. O Scale
    Just started putting a layout together, and, using primarily 022 switches. Having some problems, and, maybe I just don't know how the are supposed to work. Have about 30 feet of point to point track with switch in the middle. Power is supplied to the track with a clip on about 2 feet away from...
  2. Forum News, Updates and Help
    I recently acquired several 022 switches that someone discarded as junk. I was able to get them all in working order except for one. The problem with it is the motor plunger will retract, but not thrust. It doesn't buzz or even make an attempt to move, it just seems dead.
  3. O Scale
    I purchased some O22 switches at a show, what is the best way to bench test and service them with the least amount of grief. Thanks for your help.
  4. O Scale
    I have 1 engin a mth premier genesis that the pickup rollers are 10 1/2 inches apart and in my yard i have 2 022 switches back to back that when it goes over that part of the yard on the switch there is a spot where it hits the dead spot and stops. i cant turn around the pickups because they sit...
  5. O Scale
    I have a few lionel 3 rail switches which I would to bench test without actually incorporating into the track plan. I have an extra transformer to use, so other than the switch controllers how do I hook up power? (To wfich rails, etc) Thanks Trainrick
  6. O Scale
    Hi all - wondering if it's possible to wire the 252 to 022 switch. I have AUX power to the switch. I read in the manual that you can wire a 145 Gateman to a 022 switch, but that has 3 wires and I'm getting confused trying to hook up the crossing gate. The gate uses the same 153C contactor as...
  7. O Scale
    Whats the difference between 022 and 022A switch. Just starting new hobby
  8. O Scale
    Hey all, new to the site here. Just had a quick question. I have dusted off my Dad's 2333 and assorted track and accessories. Id like to re wire the loco and my 022 switches. Just not sure on the gauge of wire. If anyone can help me with that I would appreciate it. Oh yeah, how do I check the...
  9. Beginner Q & A
    Okay,... I am in the midst of laying down my Christmas train layout for the very first time. This year I am doing the same layout my grandfather used to when I was a kid (Looooonnnnng time ago...1956-ish). I am scrambling for some more O gauge curves, (both hobby shops are out and they say...
  10. O Scale
    Forgive my ignorance in advance, and talk to me like I'm a 3rd grader because I'm very new to this. :laugh: The background: I have a lot of Lionel stuff from the 50's that my grandfather bought my dad when he was a boy. I'm getting it all set up and running again. It's all O scale...the...
  11. O Scale
    Functions normally with fixed voltage plug, but no lights or action on track power. Looking for suggestions as to where to start checking. Thank you. Pete
  12. O Scale
    I probably went overboard buying remote switches (or is that an impossibility?) when I realized why they were so cheap--almost none of them came with controllers. The switches I have are mostly Lionel 1122's and I've determined the intended switch is probably called the 1122-100. I've had a...
  13. O Scale
    I have a figure 8 layout, with two sets of 022 switches inserted to allow trains to reverse direction without backing up, by going through the middle of the figure 8. I wired the switches according to the 022 instructions sheet (connected constant voltage pins together, and wired them to the...
  14. O Scale
    Just took delivery of a pair of 022 switches from eBay. They are clean, and I believe were serviced. Kids and I are excited, and hook them up after reading the included instructions. I first connect just using the track, and the voltage is enough to operate the close switch, but the far...
  15. O Scale
    Hi all i need a little help. i have 2 lionel 022 switches a left and a right connected together in same direction and have insulator pins in where they need to be except i have to put 1 insulator pin inbetween the 2 switches or the 1 switch will not switch. the electric current keeps it open if...
  16. O Scale
    I am running the o scale, black tie track. Do I have to use the 042 or 022 switches or are there others that will work. The O27 stuff is not thick enough, right?
  17. O Scale
    The switch, notice to the right the slide did not go all the way to the right. When operating the bar on the left or right provides a connection. A simple way to test (off the track)the switch is to place the center rail contact from the transformer to the power post and use the u contact to...
  18. Lionel O22 Switch

    The power plug when inserted isolates the switch from the tracks center rail.
  19. Lionel O22 Switch

    Exposed view of the switch.
1-20 of 20 Results