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  1. Beginner Q & A
    I have set up my track and the train is running fine with a few slow downs and sparks, nothing I don't think I can't figure out. However, I tried to introduce 2 switches for a kind of turnout (not sure of the term, see pic below). The switches I am using are Lionel 6-5121 (L) and 6-5122 (R)...
  2. O Scale
    Newby alert! I want to add a passing lane to a 027 set I just purchased. Can I use 036 switches or do i have to use 027? Thanks in advance. Bill
  3. O Scale
    I've been obtaining and rebuilding 022 switches for my new layout. I decided to get a couple of these "new" switches, since they seem to be the "new" 022 switch. WHAT A JOKE! They're the replacement, but they're vastly lower quality with nothing I can see to recommend them! They have the...
1-3 of 3 Results