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  1. O Scale
    I have a Lionel 1033 (90 watts) transformer running my "test board" (a 4x4 sheet of plywood with a circle of track. The O gauge stuff comes out at Xmas, but I want something to test stuff with. I'm not too sure of what this is telling me. There are 4 posts, A,B,C, D. On the...
  2. O Scale
    A few months ago, I found this at a thrift store. It was in pretty rough shape, but for $10 I just couldn't leave it there. As you can see somebody had already cut the power cord, and both handles were missing. The control action felt OK, so I decided to take a chance. After opening it up I...
  3. T-man Work Shed

    1033 90 watt Transformer. The left handle is for whitle activation and direction change. I use it to power my trestle level. More pic's to come
1-4 of 4 Results