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  1. Out of controllers

    O Scale
    I need a little help. I know there was a thread on how to test 1122 turnouts and I cant find it. I don't have any controllers to use to test. That will come later. Did a cleaning and tightening of my 4 turnouts, but now would like to see if I wasted my time or not. Can anyone tell me how to test...
  2. 022 and 1122 switch cleaning...

    O Scale
    I have been lurking in the background gleaning gems from the forums and learning LOTS of good stuff about the things I'm interested in. I was so impressed by the camaraderie and community and helpfulness that I joined up. (Saluting smartly) Now I have a specific question. I have acquired 13...
  3. O27 1122 Remote Switch Problem

    General Model Train Discussion
    I just pulled my father's train set out of storage, it hasn't been used since the 80's. I had the KW transformer refurbished and I cleaned up the steam locomotives. They run great and I couldn't be happier but I wanted to try and set up a more elaborate track. I found two pair of remote switches...
  4. Lionel 1122 controller

    Technical Model Train Forum
    Hi I have a bunch of 1122 Switch Controllers that I am revitalizing. I would like to use them with a slo-mo switch machine such as Tortoise with Atlas or Ross turnouts. The 1122 being a momentary controller will only supply a one-shot per-throw burst to a regular snap switch machine. The...
  5. 1122 question

    O Scale
    Taking a break from my repainting projects and rewiring some old lionel 027 switches. I have 4 1122 switches, two are 1122 with 5 notch housings, two are 1122(e) with 3 notch housing. The 1122(e) clearly house a light bulb to light the switch. On the 1122 with the 5 notch housing I see no place...
  6. 1122 remote switches

    O Scale
    Just got some old switches into my layout. Got a couple of questions. 1) The lantern - is there a way to fix the colors? Looks like the green doesn't show or both sides show red. 2) The switches don't seem to get enough power for the lights. With the train in neutral I can get them to light...
  7. 1122 part question

    O Scale
    I bought a pair of these, with a nice controller for $10 at an auction. What is this for? My model-like finger is pointing to the little knob on the bulb holder. Any ideas why the little knob, and what it does?
  8. 1122 power question

    O Scale
    I've heard some power their 1122 switchs independent of the track. I assume it is to provide more positive activation. For the life of me, I can't find a thread on how to do it. Can someone give me a link? Does the anti derail still work? Thanks
  9. 1122 Switch Loss of Power

    O Scale
    I have three 1122 switches on my layout. All 3 work fine with lights, and switching mechanisms. The one problem I have is that the straight stretch on one of them has no power at the end, thus the engine hits the dead spot and stops. - I can run the engine into the turnout and take the curved...
  10. 1122 Switch Trouble Shooting

    O Scale
    I've got 2 - 1122 and 2-1122 E switches. Haven't been used since 1950's. Plunger will not come out in one so I think it is toast. I'm re-wiring the switch lever boxes. After hooking them back up according to how the wire goes on the switch, they still fail to move the switch. Makes some...
  11. Using TMCC with 1122 Switches

    O Scale
    Finally got the table built for the new layout. (8x5)… Going to have 2 mainline loops with 2 engines running at a time. Going to have a passing siding on the outside loop and some industrial sidings on the inside. The switches will be 1122’s with the isolation pins in the proper place to...
  12. 1122 Switch

    Technical Model Train Forum
    The 1122 is a Lionel 027 remote switch. This model has an anti derailing feature with the black insulating pins. The inner rails on the right. I used a wire dremel to clean up the rails and a scotch brite pad. First, I have the before and after cleaning pictures. The mechanism is...