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  1. O Scale
    Need some assitance in hooking up my pw semaphore to the 153 IR controller. The semaphore I have has three terminals, however the instructions for the 153 IR is for the modern day version which I think has two terminals. Could someone please walk me through hooking it up? Thank You George
  2. O Scale
    does anyone have any idea how long the old style lionel 151 semaphore arm can stay activated before the solenoid gets fried? is it a matter of a minute, a few minutes, 10 minutes, (you get the idea)? i realize that operating voltage will make a difference. i'd think a lower voltage will...
  3. O Scale
    Hey yall I picked this up on the local craigslist for $108. Tell me if it was worth it! First off, I got two locos in the deal the first: a 2-6-2 with an obvious decal over the casting number on the side. Runs and Smokes! Dwarfs my 2026! Looks like a 675.. Here are some pics: The next...
1-3 of 3 Results