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  1. Tinplate
    I became intrigued with the Lionel 1688E, after reading an article posted on CTT magazine's Forum. The article was a reprint under "Timeless Classics" as one of the features of the forum. The original article was published back in 2005, authored by John A. Grams (now deceased), who highlighted...
  2. Tinplate
    I recently bought four Lionel bodies, for the sole purpose of getting this one particular body, which is a true legit factory error. There is no evidence that the various holes were added by someone who owned this loco, after it left the factory, and all the holes are in their correct location...
  3. O Scale
    Hello! My grandfather recently passed on his train set to me, and I'd like to get it back into proper shape. It's his set from when he was a child, and I remember playing with it in his basement on occasion. I do not currently have a railroad setup, but am very interested in getting back...
  4. O Scale
    T -man I came across this in your album. ( I left a comment too.) Did you ever do anything about fixing this up?
1-4 of 4 Results