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  1. For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    (Sold) 1684 Lionel Pre War - Black - Die-Cast Steam Engine Locomotive - 2-4-2 - O Gauge/Scale Price:$55 Shipping:$9.99 Payment:Paypal Locomotive Condition: -Engine has been cleaned, greased, oiled & tested (Reconditioned to former Greatness) -Motor Armature, Motor Brushes, E-Unit, & Drivers...
  2. O Scale
    First of all the 1684 does not have a drawbar . It has a post, as in post war.:rolleyes: Bad joke, to clarify the engine is a 1940 vintage making it a pre 1945. The post limits the use to tenders with a hole drawbar. These tenders have pre war couplers. So to get this up to date to haul a...
  3. O Scale
    Bought a Lionel #1684 engine and 1689W Tender (O27)both in pretty good shape- Did get the engine ruinnnig but also found 2 damaged gear wheels. Would like to replace the gear wheels... any idea if I can get replacements? where to get them? Thanks Any help from the experts would be appreciated
  4. O Scale
    Here is what I have started so far.. Reading all of the posts and checking out the pictures have been a huge help, thanks to all who have posted them. I just wish I could get the photo's to post instead of the links, but I am working on that Joe ps the train is not called gloria, the dog is...
1-4 of 4 Results