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  1. Lionel's 027 Torpedo locomotives- A case study.

    I became intrigued with the Lionel 1688E, after reading an article posted on CTT magazine's Forum. The article was a reprint under "Timeless Classics" as one of the features of the forum. The original article was published back in 2005, authored by John A. Grams (now deceased), who highlighted...
  2. Prewar Factory Error!!!

    I recently bought four Lionel bodies, for the sole purpose of getting this one particular body, which is a true legit factory error. There is no evidence that the various holes were added by someone who owned this loco, after it left the factory, and all the holes are in their correct location...
  3. 1688E Parts

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    I need the two parts shown in the picture but I don't know what the part numbers are. Can anyone point me to a place/diagram that I can get the numbers from?
  4. 1688 project started

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    Received my 1688 from e-bay. A non-running project that looks to be a lot of fun. Here are some pics. I tested the engine and could hear the e-unit cycling but got no power too the engine. After dis-assembly I discovered that the e-unit had no drum. Everything else seemed to be intact so I...
  5. New Life for a Lionel 1654T Tender

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    I thought you guys might like to see a project I'm working on. I know I posted the 1688 Torpedo and tender from 1939 that we got at an estate sale a couple weeks ago. It has the prewar trucks and latch coupler so it's limited to prewar tinplate cars only. A member of another forum was nice...
  6. Lionel Prewar 1688 Engine and 1689W Tender

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    I've been working on the above engine and Tender and have run into a bit of a problem trying to locate some parts. I need the whistle assembly for the 9098 Tender. I have called a couple of differnt parts places and they need to know the part number. Can anyone tell me where I can find the...
  7. Lionel 1688 Loco -- Second Chances

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    Hi guys, There was a feel-good story that was all over the media this past week. A one-time radio announcer with a wonderful deep voice was "rediscovered" after years of living homeless on the streets. Several big media outlets tossed offers his way, and all cleaned up, he was soon announcing...