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  1. Lionel 289E motor question

    O Scale
    The Prewar 289E was produced in 1937 as an Uncatalogued engine, which was basically a 1689E body with an 0 gauge motor crammed into an 027 body. I have been trying to figure out exactly what motor they used, to fit into the 1689E shell. Is there anyone who happens to have a 289E, and can...
  2. Lionel 1689E Repair Parts Source?

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    After years in storage I dug the old American Flyer out this year and decided to put it up. Well, as you might guess one thing led to another and I found myself making repairs and planning a new layout. Dad started us out in the early 50's. It began with his old train a 1689E Lionel, the real...
  3. More 1689e

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    This is A How TO DO for a newly purchased engine. As in all my projects it has problems. I have startes one previously with a link here but have not finished. First I had to test the motor. I cleaned the armature and checked the e unit drum. The drum actually got loose when I pulled it from...
  4. 1689e

    O Scale
    The Subject. The motor. ... Time to play with the Vanerbilt and the 1664 engine. I am doing a fabrication to make this work. The engine does go with this motor but it has a different rear mount. The Lionel Jr isn't wide enough so I opted to make one that fits. I already removed the...