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  1. O Scale
    These of course are Lionel. I am starting the thread to address these engines. I collected a few and they do have slight variations. These are low cost units for the time. Unlike the majority of steam engines they were produced in a variety of colors with road names. They varied with magnetic...
  2. O Scale
    That is the question, We have seen here frequently and this thread hopefully will show the newbee the way. I just got a little Lionel set that has been sitting in storage and will make a good candidate for this thread. A postwar 216 AA Minnie and St.Lou from 1964/65. More detail to follow. All...
  3. O Scale
    Hey all, Just picked these up today. Traded some old model aircraft kits for them. My first ever O scale locomotives. Unpowered dummy Powered engine Both are in rough shape. The windscreen area of the powered unit is broken. I figure I can do a little surgery to repair that. I'd like...
1-3 of 3 Results