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  1. O Scale
    I recently purchased a 2328 at a train show. Ran great on the test track but after I got it home and ran it for 1 minute I could smell an electrical short. The horn also does not work. Does anyone know where to find the wire layout for it? Also any suggestions on troubleshooting and...
  2. O Scale
    Hello, As the title says I am restoring a train that has been in my family since new (1957). The train is a Lionel Burlington 2328 GP7 Diesel. I don't know very much about trains and I'm hoping someone can help me with these questions. 1. Are their any sites that will teach me a little more...
  3. O Scale
    Hello Everyone! My school, (Sonora High School), requires everyone to do a "Life Changing Project" for their senior year, so I decided to restore postwar Lionel Gp's. A piece of this project is to get your project "Out to Public", so I have decided to post my progress on this website. Every...
1-3 of 3 Results