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  1. O Scale
    Well one of the weak solder points on my diesel finally gave out, so instead of just fixing that. I decided to re wire the engine harness with a new harness I bought last year. Bad idea, all I get is the light works and I can hear the e unit cycling, but no engine movement. I was careful to...
  2. O Scale
    Th e-unit on a NYC F3 (2333) is stuck in reverse. In one position (normal - forward,neutral reverse) it precedes turning power on and off thru nothing, nothing and reverse. In the other position forced in to constant reverse. The plunger plunges, the drum not dirty was cleaned anyway. The drum...
  3. O Scale
    As this is my first job, any tips on maintenance especially oiling points and cleaning would be greatly appreciated. Since we have yet to go after the original manual, can someone tell me which way the D cell battery points, positive (+) up or down towards the track. Thanks
  4. O Scale
    Here is an engine 2333, I bought as part of a set from the 80's. Over the years I tried to run it with little success. Overall the engine wasn't in great condition. What impressed me was that I now owned a piece from the 40's. Yeah the nosed was cracked. The frame was corroded from battery...
1-4 of 4 Results