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  1. O Scale
    picked up this on ebay last week. its a lionel 248. got it for 50 bucks. and im really surprised. its not in bad shape. mechanically wise it runs. needs some gear work but other wise its pretty sound. paint is decent. im actually debating on leaving it or just doing a repaint. what do you guys...
  2. O Scale
    I know a million questions! I am a sucker for these old locos and this is a great canidate for a resto job. The wheels are shot, saw some on Mikes Trains for 24.00/set any better deals? When I do get the wheels I will need to pry off the gears from the old ones, any easy way to do that? I...
  3. 248 Revival

    248 Revival

    14.4 volt flashlight bulb adapted to use with a 33 ohm resistor. Green wire is the ground strap.
  4. 248 Revival

    248 Revival
  5. 248 Revival

    248 Revival

    IBM Safe Stripper at work with some 0000 steel wool
  6. 248 Revival

    248 Revival

    Rust spots cleaned up with rubbing compound. The shiny finish is appealing considering you can only get it with tinplate. I will have to look into clear coat.