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  1. O Scale
    Hello I am new member and deaf man. My first time new thread here. I have complete set train of 259E from grandpa and gave me by my father. I examine 259E loco and found two gear wheel and non gear wheel bad show picture below. Also some rods missing plus other remain rod have dirty and...
  2. O Scale
    Hey there, Does anyone have a parts diagram for the Lionel 259E? I'm working on one for my Dad and need to see what goes where. Thanks,
  3. O Scale
    In the Junk Box I started working on a second 259e or at least parts of it. This thread is not to be confused with the 259e Revival. Basically I bought a shell and beat up motor. Or should I say a really beat up shell and motor. So popular was this auction that I was the only one...
  4. O Scale
    The close look.
  5. O Scale
    Hi guys, Well, as mentioned in my Lionel 1681E thread, I've succumb to the "dark forces" and reluctantly "adopted" another mean, mangly-looking, street-wise junkyard dog: a prewar Lionel 259E loco. I really didn't want to do it, but the thing kept watching me, and eventually followed me home...
1-5 of 5 Results