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  1. Layout Design Forum
    Hi All, I'm getting back into model trains after many many years. I have two grandsons that really enjoy trains. I need an HO layout with two separate runs that they can use. I've tried to look at as may layouts as possible. Thanks for sharing. We will be running 1940-1960 style freight...
  2. For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    Hello everyone. I'm from Portugal and i'm selling Yellow and Turistic (red) Lisbon (Portugal) trams motorized. See images bellow/attached. Tehe trams are brand new and assembles by me with motorization and interior light. Very good quality and details. With metalic body and brand new KATO...
  3. Trains 045

    one of my favorite engines (kato)
  4. Trains 054

    soon to be rest out mountain an two exit tunnel
  5. Trains 053

    mock up back ground, new back ground on order
  6. Trains 047

    still have alot of work to do
  7. Trains 044

    another weatherd car
  8. Trains 055

    out of tunnel into soon to be yard
1-8 of 8 Results