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  1. S Scale
    I am getting my feet wet in loco repair and have a 310 locomotive who's draw bar*, (at least I think that is what it is called.), has come unattached. It looks like it was mounted on two peened over posts. I could try some fancy glue or epoxy but would rather reattach it mechanically. Is...
  2. S Scale
    Does anyone have a diagram of the 282 tender and locomotive wiring, I am trying to get the loco to run, the tender will, but appears to have issues. It has 2 fingers and the cylinder appears to have black material wrapped around it. The cylinder will move and the and tender makes noise and...
  3. S Scale
    A place to start. It runs. I cleaned the tender connections. I have most of the screws but the boiler and a rail off the steam chest is missing, so far. Thread on how it was bought.
1-3 of 3 Results