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  1. O Scale
    My 9307 is fun to watch, but it is loud! I don't want to try to "improve" it if they all sound like this. It works well, if you can tolerate the noise.
  2. O Scale
    This is a quick look at the Hobo car. The frame has a spring loaded roller with a center switch Then you have the vibrating mechanism that adds spin to the second roller. The vibration is drectional with a string on one end and a spring on the other. The pulley moves in one direction.
  3. O Scale
    Ok I have one of these little guys and having a little problem. Car runs good but will just stop and draw current. Both rollers are fine and all wires are well soldered. One thing I did notice from my book with the cars break down is there is not grounding washers. What size washers are a...
1-3 of 3 Results