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  1. Hello . I'm new and need help Bad !! 3472 Milk Car

    O Scale
    I just got the old white . The white 3472 automatic milk car . lionel milk car where the little guy unloads the cans . BUT I need help hooking it up . The only type of track I have is the three rail with the red part with magnet.
  2. 3472 Springs

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    Look for some tips on how to (re)install the springs on the doors on my 3472 Lionel Milk Car. I have the springs and also ordered some reproduction doors, but they came unassembled. Need a tip or a video would help on how to get the springs in place.
  3. 3472 Refrig car rung repair

    O Scale
    Recently I have been working on two refrig cars. This one of mine had a broken ladder rung. After stripping the frame some copper wire and solder did the trick.
  4. Lionel Milk Car 1950's - Newbie Question

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    Hi Folks, My 11-year-old son and I just inherited my uncle's Lionel train set, and we're Newbies. :confused: I've spent many hours rewiring just about everything. We built a basic track and we're now experimenting with the Milk Car. We have no instructions, and tested it by placing the car...