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  1. O Scale
    Hi, Got cattle car and stockyard. I am missing the control that hooks to the the stockyard. What does this control/switch do? Just on off? Also, should the cattle car get activated by the base of the stockyard or are one of those special tracks required? Thank you, Joe
  2. O Scale
    I am starting a study on this accessory, it all started with this thread. Last spring I purchased one in a lot. Just today I have learned a lot and will share. Much of it questioned by Blk69 This accessory is adjustable for both 027 and O scale track. So attaching the track requires adapters...
  3. O Scale
    I just got a used cattle car corral at a local train show. No instructions. Did a quick seach on internet and couldn't locate anything. Anyone know a link where I can get them. I have had the car for some time and it works great on the operator track. powered the corral and a relay fired to...
1-3 of 3 Results